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Terms of use

Terms of use

These terms of use, privacy policy and other publications on this website's announcements constitute the basic conditions for your use of this website. We can change these terms of use and

He has the right to use the relevant terms of this website, and if you improve any conditions in this website announcement on this website, you must stop using this website immediately.


The ownership of the information and content posted on the website belongs to general information. More information is directly transmitted and substituted for reference. It does not represent the standpoint and replaces any cause.

This information should be used as the basis for any action that you have personally owned by a qualified legal, financial or real estate person before obtaining the opinions of the above-mentioned persons.

Relevant external entities, senior staff and agents do not guarantee the correctness of the information published by their directors, senior staff and agents based on this situation.

or. Any direct or indirect loss or damage suffered by any information contained or omitted on this website shall not be liable for any legal responsibility.


Feeding means that outside the residence allows you to host, share, publish, transmit, store or upload any data, text, video, image, audio or other materials to

On this website.

Daily Come Property Consultant Company refers to all subsidiaries of Daily Come Property Consultant Company Ltd. itself.

Other user contributors’ manuscripts refer to the outside of the home to allow others other than you to host, share, publish,,,,, store or upload anything including data, text, video,

Static audio or other material plasma information is on this website.

Website refers to any website operated by Daily Come Property Consultant Company.

Site usage restrictions

By entering or using this website, you agree that you will not:

Use any automated equipment, software, process or method to obtain, retrieve, collect, or index this website or any content on this website;

Use any equipment, software, process or method to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of this website;

Take any unreasonable and inappropriate use of this website to constitute a burden on the network infrastructure, and accumulate intent to cause excessive consumption of network reprints;

To use or index the content of this website, to establish or decompose the recharge attribute search database or to compete with this website in any way;

Send spam, chain letters, competitions, polls, or other mass text messages, unless it is a commercial alternative;

Use any content of this website to be unreasonable or contrary to its original purpose by the tailor of this website;

Infringe on the rights of others, including copyrights, trade secrets, exclusive rights, or any other intellectual property rights or exclusive rights;

Impersonate any person or entity in an attempt to solicit money, passwords or personal information from others;

Violation of any terms of use required by this website or other applicable laws;

Unauthorized use of the content of this website to copy, modify, adapt, distribute, translate, and create derivative works for public display, sale, except for the express authorization of this website;

Transmit or attempt to send any computer viruses, sabotage programs, malfunctions, Trojan horse programs or other destructive items.

We have the right to take any action we deem necessary to prevent any unauthorized use of this website. This includes but is not limited to the implementation of technical constraints,

Or report your actions to the entity or entities.


Except for the fair use rights protected by relevant example laws and without exceptions, the copyright and non-commercial use of the website are allowed in the residence. Any use not based on the above

For copying or copying for purposes or once authorized, all or part of the copying or materials must be approved by the name and benefit of the previous one as required. The copyright information must be straight

Obtain written authorization from outside the residence or from the relevant copyright owner.

Third-party connection and advertising

This website usually includes advertisements, hyperlinks and indicators to websites operated by third parties. Links to third-party websites include, but are not limited to, links to the websites of our company’s real estate agent clients.

When you establish a connection to this website, the representative represents that you have left this website, and you should bear any responsibility for it yourself. guarantee. Related entities outside the residence, directors, officers and

The agent is not responsible for the direct or indirect or loss you suffered as a result of suspected involvement in the third party’s website or omission of information. The ad display does not represent certain aspects of the residence

The relevant entity approves or recommends the product.

Third-party content

This website contains content provided by others to Daily Come Property Consultant Company ("Third Party Content"). Daily Come Property

Consultant Company does not place it in third-party content for monitoring or making inquiries. ,, Approval and composition statement. Third-party content does not represent residence

Outside opinions. You should rely on the content of the first third party at your own risk.

User guarantee

Your statement and guarantee:

The information you provided during registration is correct;

You will notify the outside of the residence in writing of any information changes;

Any time you use this website, you will abide by this agreement and any instructions issued on this website from time to time outside your residence;

You ensure the confidentiality and security of the user name and password used when entering the website;

You accept any unauthorized use of usernames and passwords, unless the behavior is caused by negligence outside the residence and the law;

You have the legal rights, including all necessary licenses, rights, consents and permissions to use and authorize outside your residence to display your contributions;

Your submitted constitution;

Infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party, you agree to pay all expenses, fees or other fees for any submissions you use;

Is misleading or deceptive;

The information is incorrect;


Directly or indirectly promote any product or service;

Contain any obscene, pornographic, hateful, racially discriminatory or offensive elements;


Contain illegal content or encourage illegal behavior; or

Contains other inappropriate behaviors that violate the intent of this website.


You agree to guarantee that affiliates and associated companies (and personnel, agents, partners and employees) residing outside are protected from any loss, liability, compensation or

Other requirements, reasonable attorney fees due to your violation of the relevant conditions such as using the website and submitting articles).

Link to this website policy

Absolutely on this website or elsewhere, the Hyperlink provides easy access to more information or original material value-added user experience. :

Attribute the basic content of the hyperlink to a third-party source.

No ownership of the rights and content belonging to the owner.

When connecting to the content of this website, we ask you to follow similar practices. You should understand that if you do not comply with the relevant behavior, you may have violated this right, or our and above

Third party rights.


We encourage direct connections.

Comply with all copyrights, trademarks or other applicable laws.

Use the content you are directly connected to.

Do not:

Use the content of this website as a link to your personal website or the content of other people's websites (for example, add your own logo to this website)).

The deliberately packaged content of this website is intended to be the content owned by you personally or by someone other than our company.

Limitation of Liability

Certain rights and compensations may be excluded, restricted or modified under the law, which may not be allowed. Except for those that cannot be excluded, the entity related to the residence shall abide by all laws and regulations.

The conditions and guarantees of performance. To the extent permitted by law, the liability for any implied guarantees or conditions for our breach of contract is not limited to those that can be excluded.

Choose, replenish service or pay for replenishment service or pay for replacement or repair.

In any case, the domicile is not any indirect, special, ethical, concomitant or punitive loss or damage to loss of income, loss of profit, loss of customers,

Capital loss, loss of profit due to downtime loss, loss of related reputation; data loss; data loss; data loss; data loss; data loss; data loss; data

According to the loss; the related loss although there is any place related to the opposition of this article, any action taken against you by the related company related to the external limited company of the residence, any

The form of action will limit its compensation to HK$600 at any time.

Right to declare

Your use of the laws and regulations of this website is subject to the laws and regulations of Hong Kong, China and interpretation. Using our Internet website, you will not be able to withdraw and unconditionally follow the Chinese laws and regulations.

Hong Kong's laws and regulations are submitted to the exclusive court to exercise ownership.