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隱私政策 website (website) Daily Come Property Consultant Company (Company No. HK 1385801) (under the name "Daily Come Property

Consultant CompanyJuwai" as the transaction name). In this privacy policy, it means "our company" and "we") are responsible for operation.

The following is an overview of the privacy policy. The company uses personal data collected from the original website, real estate agents and visitors.

By using this website or once you reach an agreement with the company (such as publishing classified properties or advertisements on the website), it means that you have read this privacy policy in detail, and

Agree with this privacy policy to collect, use, and process customers’ personal data. This privacy policy and other terms and conditions apply to this website. US

It is recommended that you read the privacy policy and all the documents provided by us together with the special confidentiality clauses.

Customers should review the privacy policy regularly to avoid any changes. The company welcomes comments and responses.

The company does not negotiate with third-party websites connected to this website.


Since the personal information we collect can be identifiable, we understand the identity of privacy protection. When collecting and processing personal data, we are subject to Hong Kong

Restricted by the privacy policy. Methods of processing personal data.

In some cases, we may need to transfer personal data to places outside of Hong Kong, China; in this case, we make every effort to receive personal data from the organization.


If you have any questions or complaints about this privacy policy, please contact us. If you have any questions or complaints about this website, please contact us.

Further data protection information

To learn more about the privacy regulations of Hong Kong, China and how to protect your privacy, please visit the website of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data in Hong Kong, China.

Why we collect personal information

In order to provide you with services, answer your inquiries about the minimum requirements, process your requests or improve the services we provide, we may deal with the following related to you

personal information:

Information, such as your name, e-mail address and other contact information (including the information you provide by filling in the website form), which is required when registering to use this website

Information, apply for our service, mail the content of the information, request more information service or you apply. When you inquire about or notify the relevant website, I

We may also ask you to provide personal information;

If you contact us, we may keep a record of that communication;

Although you can choose not to respond, we may ask you to complete a questionnaire for survey purposes;

The details of your transactions through the website;

The details of your browsing of the website, including but not limited to transportation data, location data, web logs and other communication data and information that you have;

If you are a real estate agent, your contact details and profile photo.

If we do not collect these personal data from you, we may not be able to provide you with the services or assistance you have requested.

How do we use your personal data?

We may use personal data in the following situations:

To ensure that the content received from the website can be displayed most effectively for you and on your computer;

In order to provide better services, for example, by automatically filling in the form on the website to insert an inquiry about the real estate agent owned by you;

To provide you with the service files, products or services you request from us;

We might

Use your personal information to provide you with information about offers, promotions, products or services that you may be interested in and

Repeat your information with our service providers and other third parties, and then they can contact you directly to introduce their offers, promotions, products or services. if

In this case, if you use your personal data, you can request that your data not be sold directly in the future; in order to allow you to participate in our service interactive functions, if you participate

; Notify you about our change and prompt your user name and password.You need to know that when you submit a question about a property or real estate agent through the website, your information will be passed to the real estate agent, and how they handle your information is theirs

Responsibility, you need to check the privacy policy of the estate agent to understand how the estate agent handles your personal data. We are not responsible for the way the estate agent collects, uses, discloses or processes personal data

Who will we disclose your information to?

We may disclose information about you to the following:

Estate Agents and Estate Agents:

Third-party suppliers who provide you with goods or services on our behalf, so that they can provide these goods or services according to your requirements;

Third-party suppliers of goods and services, enabling them to make their own offers, promotions, goods or services to contact you directly. If our purpose is to understand you, you can request that your information is not disclosed for this purpose in the future;Relevant public authorities, our legal representatives or other relevant parties, for example in the following special circumstances:

We have reason to believe that disclosing your personal data is necessary to identify, contact or take legal action to deal with any damage, injury or interference (intentionally or unintentionally) rights and property, and use that may cause harm to the activity Or others

Or in good faith, we believe that relevant laws require disclosure.

We will also publish the contact information (which may include personal profile photos) of real estate agents who list or advertise on the website.

Storage, security and handling

We continue to work hard and ensure that measures are taken, however, no data transmission on the Internet can be absolutely secure. Transmitted to us or available from our online products and services

Personal data submitted by the agency. Once we receive your transmission, we will work hard to ensure the security of that Fu on our system. But we won’t have any other

He is responsible for the incident that occurred during his next personal data visit.

The data (including personal data) submitted by website customers and viewers submitters may be placed on servers located in Hong Kong, China or located outside their residences in Hong Kong, China.

The external criterion data center of China and Singapore. The data is transferred to Hong Kong, China for safety, and the Daily Come Property Consultant Company has already guaranteed

The security of data storage and internal processing, implementation of relevant policies and procedures, that is, to verify the security arrangements of its outsourced processors, and you have agreed to

Transfer of personal data for the purposes described in these terms.

Calibration and access

As far as we hold your personal information, we will endeavor to take all reasonable methods to keep it accurate and update any information. When you find the information we hold

No, you can contact us immediately and make corrections. For some exceptions provided by laws, you can check the personal data we have saved about you. If you want to check your

Personal information, contact us.

Non-personally identifiable information

In addition to collecting information about you, we may also collect and collect non-personally identifiable information during your visit, which will be sold to third parties for use.


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, This website website. This technology can make it convenient for users to continue to access and use the website and also allows us to customize the website to meet your needs.

The software uses invisible pictures at the bottom of the web page. The software contains a unique code in the "Cookies" stored in the browser. This is good for us to calculate browsing

The website we will not and will not be combined in any of our our website will be combined with all the personal data of anyone on our website. Personal data we use independently

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Subject to cookie function. However, you need to note that it is necessary to provide some online services and functional cookies.

Links to other websites

Sites other than the linked sites we provide, and third-party sites. And these connected sites are not under our control, and we do not consider the behavior of the company to which the site belongs

And be responsible. Before discovering your personal information on the website, we recommend that you first consult the ownership statement of the terms and conditions of using the website.